Elephant Seal Vocalization

Elephant seals have an extremely wide and complex range of perceptions and communications.

We can observe a part of this impressive spectrum of comprehension and expression in elephant seal vocalizations.


If you want to learn about the cognition and sensory systems of elephant seals and other pinnipeds, visit the Pinniped Lab


Here are some more resources on elephant seal vocalizations:


A terrific short pdf on elephant seal vocalizations


A very informative technical pdf on acoustic communication ranges for northern elephant seals


Video footage of elephant seal vocalizations:


A video of a mommy and baby vocalizing with daddy in the background...

Video of a bull elephant seal vocalizing


A spectacular video of an older bull elephant seal vocalizing. If you are familiar with the art of throat-singing, this video will amaze you...


Video of an elephant seal pup vocalizing


Here are some great sound clips of elephant seal vocalizations:


An elephant seal pup vocalizing merrily

A mommy elephant seal talking

Two female elephant seals chatting


More girl talk between female elephant seals


A mommy and pup elephant seal having a discussion

Bonding sounds between a mommy and pup elephant seal

An elephant seal bull with a chorus of frogs in the background

A classic bull elephant seal vocalization

Two bull elephant seals in debate

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