Elephant Seal Mating

Elephant seal mating is truly one of the most boring of nature’s many wonders, but when you think about it, they really don’t look that different from any two people who are in love. If you make it through more than a couple of these videos, you’re probably a born biologist...


Elephant Seal Love
is a wild and wooly romp through northern elephant seal mating and birthing behaviors, with an acoustic guitar soundtrack that roundly captures the spirit of mid-coastal Californian life...

The Story of Eager Beaver, despite its misleading title, follows the amorous crusades of one bull elephant seal across many a thwarted copulation. Love prevails in the end...

Elephant Seal Mating Attempt 3 is a most graphic account of an elephant seal couple’s tumble in the gravel at seaside. Features arty Euro overtones.


The facial expressions in Elephant Seal Mating are priceless and not to be missed!


A Man Among Orcas has some great slow motion video of elephant seal bulls in hot pursuit of females, with an unhappy surprise ending that proves to be a shocker for the rival males, to say nothing of the object of their affections...


Yet another Elephant Seal Mating gives the viewer some of the flavor of the power of female elephant seals in accepting or rejecting male sexual advances. Narrated by an entire family of fascinated and fully engaged tourists.

North of San Simeon gives the viewer some XXX shots of Piedras Blancas elephant seals going at it, and even throws a suspenseful and unresolved elephant seal murder mystery into the mix...

Still not satisfied? Click here to learn more about elephant seal reproductive behaviors...

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